Why No One Gives A Damn If You Fail


There’s something about doing new things and breaking out of a rut that opens you up to scrutiny and threatens to derail your confidence. So many people are deathly afraid of one word: failure. It’s almost paralyzing to even think about. Who wants to put themselves out there only to fail?

But I have a couple of questions. Who promised you that every idea or outcome would be a slam dunk? Where is it written that you get to knock it out of the park every single time? If you find that in a contract, forward it to me so I can collect on my funds.

One thing you can believe is that if you never try, you damn sure will fail. And you can take that to the bank.

Here are some examples that I hear the most often centered around failure:

  • I want to move to another city but I’m afraid that I’ll fail and have to move back home.
  • I’m afraid to start this business because people will think I’m a loser if it doesn’t succeed.
  • I don’t want to go back to school because I don’t know if I have what it takes.

My response to you…So what?

This life isn’t a dress rehearsal folks. It’s the “Real Deal Holyfield”. You don’t get to leave this earth and come back and do it all over again the way you had hoped.

Truth moment: My former business consisted of producing beautiful journals and stationery which is something I’ve always been completely obsessed with. People loved them and I even got them into a local store in Tempe. SCORE, right? Wrong! After spending thousands on the production of them… they tanked. I still to this day have some of them in sitting boxes in my garage. Journal, anyone?

I must’ve been a few years ahead of the curve because now they are all the rage and everyone is selling journals. Seriously? Que sera, sera. I tell this story because it took me years to get back on the proverbial bus of starting another business.

My  confidence and bank account went down the toilet and into the sewer system. I had to find them both (it was funky), make a plan and now I’m back at it. But I count that failure as a win.

Why would I count failure as a win? Because now I know that starting up lean and focusing on providing services instead of making products is best for me at the moment. I already have a list of digital products in mind that I will sell after I’ve tested the market but I’ve been 10x smarter about the way I spend money this time around.

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My point is that failure is inevitable when you are trying at anything. If you’re not trying something that makes you nervous and a little scared, you’re not really living. But just like anything else, those feelings of anxiousness and doubt don’t last always. Once you get in there and start making things happen, they’ll slowly begin to subside.

If it makes you feel any better, no one is really thinking about you anyway. I’m sorry you had to hear it from me but we’re too caught up in our own “stuff” to keep up with your wins vs. losses. We’re all selfish that way and that works for me.

Start today by making small steps toward your goal and take action. In 2016, let’s stop focusing on failure and use that energy to channel it into being a success.

What are you doing this year that’s making you a little nervous? It could be a class, activity or side hustle. Comment below.

**Update: This post was featured on Huffington Post. Check it out here.

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10 thoughts on “Why No One Gives A Damn If You Fail


    This quote will bless me for days…

    My point is that failure is inevitable when you are trying at anything. If you’re not trying something that makes you nervous and a little scared, you’re not really living.

    I always took offense to people who would say, ‘If you not failing, you’re not trying!’ Now, it’s my mantra! Thanks for this!


    • Nia On Social says:


      I’m so glad that resonated with you. I think the biggest thing is people talk themselves into failing before they even begin. They’ve already laid out the outcome before trying. Failure also teaches us to change course sometimes. Thanks for reading!!

    • Sonsehia Marshall says:

      Epic, epic, epic read Nia!!!! I love your personal anecdote about your former business, excellent testimony!! You have the right idea about this failing business love!!! Can’t wait to see you soar even further!!

  2. Shirria says:

    I think people put too much emphasis into what others think. The other thing is that people become complacent. I have millions of “what I think” are great business ventures, however I’m only comfortable with the ones that I know have been successful in the past.

    • Nia On Social says:

      I completely agree! We’re all guilty of it. I know I am. I have some ideas that shouldn’t see the light of day. I do have a resilient spirit that just tells me try to things on a scale I’m comfortable with. Thanks for commenting!

  3. Karen says:

    I tell my teens all the time that their friends are too caught up in themselves to really be thinking of them, and that doesn’t change as we age. Yes, maybe something failed, but the things learned from it are valuable and not easily learned any other way, so failure is good. It just can feel rough at times.

    • Nia On Social says:

      I completely agree. It never feels good while you’re in it. Hindsight is 20/20 but nearly all successful have failed at one point. The failures just taught them how to navigate a little better. Thanks for commenting!

    • Nia On Social says:

      Go for it Michelle! Success is equally as possible as failure. The great thing is that you likely can always go back to what you were doing before in some capacity. Thanks for commenting.

  4. Tiffany says:

    I love reading inspiring posts like this! I have made 2016 the year of accomplishments. I am more than ready to put myself out there and accomplish a few of my goals even if they mean stepping out of my comfort zone. Failing is scary, terrifying even, but staying comfortable and unhappy is even worse!


    Ps. I love journals! 😀

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