How to Brain Dump and Increase Your Productivity

Brain Dumping your way to success

How To Brain Dump and Increase Your Productivity

It’s amazing how changing your mindset can lead to massive levels of productivity.  By making incremental changes in your daily routine, you can get more ish done…fast. Duh, right? It’s a difficult thing to do but once you start you’ll wonder why you waited so long. That’s why I’m doing a multi-part part series around mindset and mindfulness. I’ll be writing about implementing strategies to increase your productivity and lower your stress. Today I’m focusing on the power of brain dumping. We’ll call this brain dumping 101. There are so many benefits to brain dumping including The Law of Attraction.

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“A brain-dump is a complete transfer of accessible knowledge about a particular subject from your brain to some other storage medium, such as paper or your computer’s hard drive”. –

In childhood, I used journals and planners as a way to document my journey and chronical my feelings. Some of the journals I still have and need to burn. These days I’m obsessed with using them as a way to stay organized by brain dumping. My “To Do” lists are never-ending little lifesavers. A good list is effectively brain dumping which is productivity central.

As a creative person and woman (let’s be real), there are tons of things bouncing around in my head at any given time between work, family, health. It’s vital that I get things out of my headspace and transfer them to a place that I can refer to. As I stare onto the page of undone tasks, It holds me accountable. I’m a visual person so I highly recommend brain dumping if you are as well. I’m putting it all out there for and with you. Let’s make it a goal to be more efficient and organized together.

You can brain dump digitally or on paper. I use a combination of both depending on my mood and whatever’s within reach at the time, however, when I need to dig deeper…paper it is.

Here are a few tips and tricks that I use.

Schedule It

Schedule a time to braindump and do it consistently. Set aside time to make it happen because ,if you’re anything like me, it won’t get done otherwise. I’m obsessive about lists. I make a list every night of the 3-5 things I want to get accomplished the next day. I also make a list on Sundays for the week ahead. I can’t recall where I got this nugget but several people do it now. Instead of waking up pondering my next move it’s already decided for me. Whether or not I take action on it 100% of the time is another story. I also have a running list of my goals for the  month and year that I retool as needed. Get in the habit of brain dumping and it’ll feel strange when you neglect to do it.

Make It Fun

I’ll be honest, I haven’t gotten this far yet. I’m pretty boring with my dumps (sorry). Many listers make it fun with stickers, colored pencils, glitter pens and cute book markers. If investing a little moolah in crafty supplies and tools makes you more productive…go for it! I love a beautiful pen and journal myself. I remember shopping for school supplies as a kid and school didn’t suck quite as much for awhile. Am I the only one?

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Brain Dump

The first step in brain dumping is to write it all down. Don’t worry about categorizing your list  just yet. For now, just take stock of all tasks or ideas that need action. It doesn’t matter what the tasks are…mail a birthday card, buy stamps, grocery store run, cupcakes for child’s classroom. Dump it all on paper like a crazy person. You’ll see it pile it up pretty fast but better on paper than bouncing around in your head.

Categorize It 

You’ve been keeping a running list of tasks/ideas all week and now it’s time categorize it. This makes it easier to tackle chunks at a time. Those pretty colored markers you bought are more than just eye candy. Group similar items or color code them (green for money, yellow for fitness, red for school-related activities, etc.). When you group similar together you won’t have to do much mental jumping around. You move seamlessly from task to task. It also makes a good stopping point so you can divvy up tasks by days or urgency.

Tip: Categorizing errands by location is a great way to conserve energy and gas.

Gather Information

Gather documents or information needed to complete your tasks or to take action on ideas. For instance, compile all bills or account numbers you need beforehand. A good list or brain dump keeps you on track and organized which increases your productivity big time.

Now you’re ready to tackle the items on your list. If you brain dump frequently and take action, you’ll begin to see a great shift in your productivity level.


Do you brain dump or list on a consistent basis? What tips and tricks do you use to stay productive?


4 thoughts on “How to Brain Dump and Increase Your Productivity

  1. Michelle Martin says:

    Great tips for brain dumping! I tend to just jot down ideas as I have them otherwise I forget. And I find it I try to schedule myself time to brain dump, then I can’t think of anything, lol. I guess I get brain block. 🙂

    • Nia On Social says:

      Hi Michelle. Thank you! I do the same throughout the week…a running list as it comes to me. There are days when I do sit down to dump with a goal in mind. It’s mostly when I’m really overwhelmed with things to do.

  2. Heide says:

    Ha! I do this all the time. Well, for the last 2 months to be exact. I like to take time to write down my ideas for blog posts at times when I’m feeling inspired and creative because once that feeling goes, the ideas go too. And I do the exact same steps such as categorizing them after writing them all down on a piece of paper. Then I schedule them using an editorial calendar. I never knew there was a word for it. 🙂

    • Nia On Social says:

      That’s awesome Heide! I bet you feel so productive and it helps to have it all in one place too. I have several notebooks and planners so I need to work on that part. Thanks for commenting!

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