Your Guide to the Best FREE Stock Photo Sites

Find awesome FREE stock photos.

I wish I was a photography wiz and could style & shoot my own photos. But I can’t, at least not yet. A short term goal is to buy a great camera and learn basic photography but, in the meantime, stock photos get the job done perfectly.

I’ve managed to find some awesome FREE stock photo sites that really get the point of my posts across well. I also use them to design custom images for social media. I’ve seen many questions in Facebook groups asking for the best stock photo sites so I decided to write a blog post highlighting the ones I use most frequently.

But are some examples of custom images I’ve created from stock photos.

5 Networking TipsFor Introverts-2

Pin for Pinterest made in Canva.


Add subheading-2

Freebie made in Canva.


I'd rather have a life of %22Oh Well's than a life of %22What Ifs%22-2

Instagram quote from Pexel stock photo.


As you can see, there’s all kinds of fun stuff you can do with plain ole stock photos. I’ll find quotes from articles, famous people and even mugs or T-shirts and simply add the text to the stock photo and add filters. Most of these images were made in Canva. I have Photoshop but honestly I’m still learning the program. I can edit an image in Canva and download it or upload to social media instantly. Why not take the easy way out?

Here’s the list of sites that I visit regularly to get beautiful FREE photos.

Death to the Stock Photo – Personally, I haven’t had much luck with this site but others have so I listed it. Maybe you’ll fare better.



Canva – Do a search for images. Some are free and others cost $1 each. Still not a bad deal.


The sites below have a more creative girly, feminine touch than the ones listed above.  I use these sites most often for my Pinterest pins and Instagram pictures by customizing them. You sign up on their websites and they email you free photo packs each month.

How cool is that? If you sign up to all of them like I did, there’s no shortage of amazing images to choose from each month.



Rekita Nicole

Bold & Pop

A Prettier Web

You’ll want to look closely at the “rules” or suggestions for using stock photos from certain sites. For instance, a couple of them simply ask that you state where the picture originates from. If I use one of those pics, I do my best to leave the info in the ALT tag on my website. It’s only fair, right?

Keep in mind that you can also purchase  monthly memberships to most stock photography sites and have full access to a plethora of beautifully styled images for as little as $15/mo. I may do that at some point but I’m having success finding free photos for now. I’m most looking forward to styling my own images.

There are tons of stock photo sites out there but most of them aren’t free or very user friendly. I hope you found this helpful!

Do you use stock photos? If so, which sites do you like best?

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