I’m Published on Huffington Post!

published in Huffington Post

I’m so excited because I was published on Huffington Post this week. Last week I penned a blog on my website about fear and its relationship to failure. I received great feedback on it and decided to submit it to Huffington Post, after a little PG-13 tweaking, for the business section. It only took a few hours and I got an email from Arianna Huffington’s email address that it was accepted. An assistant probably wrote it but I choose to believe otherwise.


I will be doing some writing for other online publications as well but it was awesome to kick it off for a source that I’m an avid reader of.

For some strange reason, the photo is not letting me great when I try to share from social media. That’s why I decided to write a blog about it.  Read my Huffington Post blog HERE!

I appreciate all of your support!


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