Why No One Gives A Damn If You Fail


There’s something about doing new things and breaking out of a rut that opens you up to scrutiny and threatens to derail your confidence. So many people are deathly afraid of one word: failure. It’s almost paralyzing to even think about. Who wants to put themselves out there only to fail?

But I have a couple of questions. Who promised you that every idea or outcome would be a slam dunk? Where is it written that you get to knock it out of the park every single time? If you find that in a contract, forward it to me so I can collect on my funds.

One thing you can believe is that if you never try, you damn sure will fail. And you can take that to the bank.

Here are some examples that I hear the most often centered around failure:

  • I want to move to another city but I’m afraid that I’ll fail and have to move back home.
  • I’m afraid to start this business because people will think I’m a loser if it doesn’t succeed.
  • I don’t want to go back to school because I don’t know if I have what it takes.

My response to you…So what?

This life isn’t a dress rehearsal folks. It’s the “Real Deal Holyfield”. You don’t get to leave this earth and come back and do it all over again the way you had hoped.

Truth moment: My former business consisted of producing beautiful journals and stationery which is something I’ve always been completely obsessed with. People loved them and I even got them into a local store in Tempe. SCORE, right? Wrong! After spending thousands on the production of them… they tanked. I still to this day have some of them in sitting boxes in my garage. Journal, anyone?

I must’ve been a few years ahead of the curve because now they are all the rage and everyone is selling journals. Seriously? Que sera, sera. I tell this story because it took me years to get back on the proverbial bus of starting another business.

My  confidence and bank account went down the toilet and into the sewer system. I had to find them both (it was funky), make a plan and now I’m back at it. But I count that failure as a win.

Why would I count failure as a win? Because now I know that starting up lean and focusing on providing services instead of making products is best for me at the moment. I already have a list of digital products in mind that I will sell after I’ve tested the market but I’ve been 10x smarter about the way I spend money this time around.

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My point is that failure is inevitable when you are trying at anything. If you’re not trying something that makes you nervous and a little scared, you’re not really living. But just like anything else, those feelings of anxiousness and doubt don’t last always. Once you get in there and start making things happen, they’ll slowly begin to subside.

If it makes you feel any better, no one is really thinking about you anyway. I’m sorry you had to hear it from me but we’re too caught up in our own “stuff” to keep up with your wins vs. losses. We’re all selfish that way and that works for me.

Start today by making small steps toward your goal and take action. In 2016, let’s stop focusing on failure and use that energy to channel it into being a success.

What are you doing this year that’s making you a little nervous? It could be a class, activity or side hustle. Comment below.

**Update: This post was featured on Huffington Post. Check it out here.

Why Your Business Needs A Content Writer

Hire a content writer

A business owner wears many hats. It can be frustrating to keep all the balls in the air and some tasks inevitably will fall by the wayside. The first task to take a backseat in a thriving business is usually content creation. That’s why it’s imperative to hire a content writer for your business.

You may be wondering what a content writer does.

A content writer handles content creation including blogs, newsletters, social media and press releases. If your staff doesn’t have a dedicated writer or marketer, creating content can get old fast.

It’s not always top of mind and it can be tedious to maintain.

When having to choose between landing a game-changing sale or acquisition and writing a 500-word blog post, the sale will win out every single time…as it should.

And while it’s easy to throw it all on the backburner, it may be having a negative effect on your business. According to Sprout Content, companies who blog see 60% more business than those who don’t.

Your company blog and social media accounts are where customers go to stay up-to-date on your business. There they can find the latest promotions, product/service offerings, locations and more.

The most loyal fans will share your blog posts and social media updates. The sharing of content will bring in more interest thus resulting in higher conversions.

The top 5 reasons why blogging is vital for business are:

1)    Blogging helps SEO which drives traffic to site via Google search engines.

2)    A blog serves as a home base to distribute social media content.

3)    Blogs tell your story in your tone and voice.

4)    Writing blogs can lead to higher conversions.

5)    Blogging can establish you as an expert in your field.

Click here for a fantastic graphic and breakdown on Inbound Marketing from Hubspot.


via Hubspot

Now that we’ve established the importance of a blog, let’s discuss the most common roadblocks for business owners when it comes to content creation.

“I Don’t Have Time”

There are a multitude of things you could be dedicating your time to rather than writing blogs and Facebook updates. You have sales calls, budget meetings, and networking events to attend.

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Once you add family obligations, hobbies and life, you can see how sitting down to write blogs or updating social media can be a challenge.

Although blogging and social media can lead to higher conversions, it’s not always immediate. It can take time, consistency and testing to see the needle move.

Leave the social media management and blog writing to those whose sole job it is to source topics and create valuable content.

“Who has time for that”? I’m glad you asked…I do.

“It’s Not My Thing”

 Maybe you have the time on your hands but not the inclination. Writing may not come as easy for you as other aspects of your business. We’re all wired differently. That’s OK and nothing to be ashamed of.

It can take years to learn proper grammar, syntax and the natural flow of writing. The outsourcing of content creation to a Journalism school graduate (ahem: me) or an English major can take years off your life by relieving fear and anxiety.

If sitting down to write is like brain surgery for you, hiring a writer to compose your content is the way to go.

The image you portray to the world on your website and social media should be one of professionalism and expertise.

“Content Writing Is No Fun”

Let’s assume you have the time and the inclination but creating fresh content doesn’t give you wings. It just isn’t any fun for you.

If you don’t enjoy it, odds are that you won’t do it. This will definitely show through in your content writing.

Of course, we all do things we don’t enjoy daily when we understand what the rewards are. You may not want to go to the gym in 30° weather but you do it because you understand the payoff. The results won’t be immediate. The abs won’t magically appear after one round of cardio.  You will have to continue to drudge through to see a change.

The same thing applies to content writing. Once you start to blog and update social media accounts consistently, you’ll start to see increased engagement and enthusiasm for your brand.

If you’re not interested in taking this on, hiring a content manager or writer is your best bet.

I presented 5 reasons why your brand needs fresh content and the challenges that business owners face that keep them from doing so. Time is by far the most valuable asset we all have. It’s also the only asset we don’t get back.

If you would like to take back your time email me for information on the content creation and management packages I offer. My editorial calendar is filling up fast so call to schedule 602-761-0885.


My Top 5 Podcasts of 2015

And The Episodes That Inspired Me!


I have a confession. I am a podcast fa-na-tic.

I started testing the waters with podcasts 2 years ago and it’s safe to say that I’m hooked with no signs of slowing down anytime soon. I subscribe to new ones almost daily and I’m positive that they are the reason why I have little space for much else on my devices.

Podcasts have taken off in the past few years although they’ve been around forever. They have come a long way and now there’s at least one to tickle every fancy.

They are extremely convenient (similar to audiobooks) which is perfect for someone on the go like myself. I would consume an entire episode on my hour long commute and even at the gym. I’m not sure why but I always feel the need to broadcast the awesomeness of podcasts, as if people aren’t already aware.

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I want to share my top 5 podcasts of 2015. They’ve all aided in my personal development either financially, emotionally or professionally.

The Dave Ramsey Show

dave ramsey podcastYes, I drank the Dave Ramsey Kool-Aid. This was the first podcast I downloaded 2 years ago and I listened to it for daily motivation and financial guidance. It is the reason why I have thousands of dollars less debt now. I also attribute my mindset about money and the choices I make to this podcast.

I highly recommend it for actionable steps if you’re looking to improve your financial outlook. In retrospect, it was the catalyst to planning my exit strategy allowing me to quit my 9-5 job.

It is a Q&A format so I don’t have a particular favorite episode. I am fond of his rants though. 


Myleik Teele’s Podcast

myleik podcast

I started listening to the Myleik Teele #MyTaughtYou Podcast in 2014 (late I know) even though I followed her on Instagram long before that. Myleik Teele is an entrepreneur who founded Curlbox, a subscription box for curly-haired beauties. She’s also made quite a name for herself in the social media realm and is followed by thousands all over the globe for her advice on lifestyle, goal-setting and money.

She’s been a huge inspiration for living my best life on my terms. She shows me that it can be done if I’m willing to put in the work!

My favorite episode of 2015: June Mid-Year 2015 Checkup 


The Lively Show  

TheLivelyShowBannerThe Lively Show is another great podcast that I stumbled upon in 2015. Jess Lively interviews influencers in spaces such as health/wellness, career and money. She speaks about living a life with “intention”. I love this because the days and years will pass anyway (if you’re fortunate) so you might as well live them on purpose.

I’ve recommended this podcast to several friends. Her voice is calming and her questions are incredibly thoughtful.

Favorite episode of 2015: 10 Truths About Finding Peace In Being “Average” In This Season Of Our Career


The Smart Passive Income Podcast with Pat Flynn


If you follow podcasts at all, specifically related to business or entrepreneurship, you’re already familiar with “SPI with Pat Flynn”. It’s a weekly podcast about building a successful online business. He interviews people who are killing it in their respective fields and willing to share their wisdom.

Whether you’re in the brainstorming phase of starting a business or are deep in the trenches, you need to listen to SPI. It’s a great source of motivation. If other people can make it, why can’t you?

Favorite episode of 2015: How Nathan Chan Built a 6-Figure Digital Magazine and the Marketing Strategies We Can All Use


Online Marketing Made Easy With Amy Porterfield

amy porterfield image Amy Porterfield is new to my subscription list having only started following her in November but I’m learning so much from her already. She’s mostly known for her webinar courses and Facebook marketing prowess. The podcasts are content rich with ideas on how to scale your business from email list building to content creation.

If you’re an entrepreneur looking to monetize your blog/website, follow her. She also includes valuable downloads with each podcast.

Favorite episode: The 3 Crucial Stages of an Online Business with Marie Forleo

I would listen to podcasts everyday at my desk in my former 9-5 job praying that hope, wisdom and passion would magically be absorbed through my earbuds.

Several of the entrepreneurs featured would say they did the same thing and that podcasts gave them the courage and knowledge to start their own journey. The podcasts I listed above are not only for entrepreneurs, they include valuable life lessons anyone can use.

I’m a lifelong student and I’m always on a journey to learn as much as I can. It may sound boring but the common thread is that all of these podcasts are about real people with real tales of overcoming. Isn’t that the best kind of story, after all?

As you can see,  I don’t follow many fun, fictional types of podcasts. If you know of any feel free to drop them in the comment section below.

Are you into podcasts? If so, which podcasts do you follow and why?

The 3 Best Types Of Posts To Write For Year End


The year is quickly coming to a close and people are starting to look back in retrospect on the highs and lows of 2015. It’s essential for businesses to do the same.

In speaking with small business owners and entrepreneurs, the one struggle they have is generating new ideas for creative content.

One of the first tenets in journalism is writing content that is timely. Most journalists look at the calendar year and write content that makes sense for the season and relate to the struggles that come along with it.

It’s really a no-brainer way to come up with ideas for blog posts and articles. The holiday season is abundant with opportunities for content creation.

With that said, there are 3 types of posts that I recommend at year-end that will let your audience have a bird’s eye view into your business: past, present and future.

  1. Year In Review – A look back over the past year is one of my favorite types of posts for year end. It’s a great way to allow customers, old and new, to harken back to some of your most memorable moments. Don’t be shy about it either. If you were published in a magazine for the first time or took on a dream client/project, put it out there for everyone to see!
  2. Full Steam Ahead – If you’re a new entrepreneur like myself, a look forward may make more sense, however, more established companies would benefit as well. If you’re rebranding your company, expanding your offerings or planning to blog more in 2016, let everyone know what they can expect going forward.
  3. Ebooks, Annual Reports and Content Upgrades – The great thing about the end of the year is that you get to look back over all of your hard work from the previous year. It’s almost like a little yearbook and portfolio for your business. Why not compile all of those beautiful images, designs and content into an ebook or lookbook? Make it a virtual one-stop shop that people can access online or as a content upgrade either for free or a small fee.

One of the great things about being a small business owner or an entrepreneur is that your customers support you and are connected with you and your company on a level that McDonalds could never be.

You can make a separate post for each one or combine them. Any variation will do but don’t miss the opportunity to bring your customers along on the journey with you.

Are you making any big plans for your business in 2016?

Why Your Small Business Shouldn’t Take A Break For The Holidays Even if You Do


lady in office


The holiday season is upon us and while most of the world is looking forward to long holiday vacations your small business should still be in go mode all the way to the finish line. Most businesses would be best served by not getting too lax this time of year.

A lot of business owners, particularly small business owners, think consumers are only anticipating purchases such as televisions or clothing so they take a step back as the year begins to wind down. The reality is that there is down time to be had between eating and shopping. Some family members prefer to check out intermittently just to preserve their sanity (did I say that?). This downtime leads to scrolling social media, checking email and reading blogs/articles.

By staying in tune with your customers and providing quality, timely content you can stay top of mind as they begin to transition into the new year with new budgets, goals and plans.

All of this begs the question: How can I stay actively engaged with my customer base and enjoy my own family during the holiday season? Well, you can do this in one of two ways, or perhaps both. The first way is automation. You can set up scheduled email newsletters or social media posts to go out to your network via sites such as Hootsuite on certain days at peak times.

The second way of delegation works just as well. Typically, some poor soul will inevitably get left behind at the office at some point during the holiday season. Fortunately, the office is generally quiet so leave a trusted employee with direction and appropriate content to post across social media. You  could also outsource your services to a professional (ahem, call me) that will keep your business on track while you kick back.

I realize that not every business is the same and each industry has its unique set of challenges but by assessing your business and customer needs you can stay out in front of the competition.

If you would like more information feel free to contact by phone at 602-761-0885 or email niaonsocial@yahoo.com.