3 Ways to Increase Followers and Engagement on Social Media


In this age of constantly evolving technology, most companies know they need a social media presence but may not be able to articulate exactly why or what their goals are. The one thing they do know for sure is that the more followers they have, the more likely they are to increase  brand awareness and sales conversions.

There are several reasons why some companies have a more bustling social media presence than others. While the number of followers doesn’t automatically translate to increased sales, it definitely doesn’t hurt. I’ve listed 3 tips below for boosting followers and engagement below:

I’ve listed 3 tips below for boosting followers and engagement below:

  1. Engage in industry groups – The best way to drive engagement to your website or social media accounts is to engage with those within your industry. You already have a commonality on which to build. By reaching out to those within your field , “liking” and commenting on their social media channels you are more likely to have meaningful relationships which can more easily translate to conversions. For instance if you’re an attorney, reach out to your fellow attorneys, local law organizations, university law schools on Twitter and retweet them, tag them and use hashtags. Often you’ll find they’ll return the favor!
  2. Provide Meaningful content – This one is a biggie! Many companies regurgitate the same tired information over and over. Businesses would benefit greatly by providing useful content to their followers. There is a fine line between giving away trade secrets and offering valuable insight which allows you to be seen as an expert. Give your followers and customers what they want. If you are a remediation company, write a seasonal blog post titled “How to prepare your home for the winter frost” and send it to your email list and post it across your social media channels.
  3. Vary Social Media Interactions – Varying the types of interaction across your social media accounts  will stave off boredom and keep your followers engaged. One helpful way to achieve this is to switch it up and post the following in a week’s time – quote, video, testimonial, picture, blog post, share from industry site. Repeat.

I hope these tips helped you brainstorm some ways to boost your profile!

If you would like a free mini-assessment of your social media presence feel free to contact me at niaonsocial@yahoo.com.

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